Carpets & Rugs are an integral part of Indian history.
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Behind each design and motifs it has a special history.
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Jaipur cottage industries is one of the most stupendous manufacturers and exporters of the handmade carpets and textiles in India. JCI is rapidly evolving company in the market of rugs and textiles industry. Jci is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan worldwide know as the pink city of India.  

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The Indian history is full of richness, culture, heritage and it’s larger than life. Carpets & Rugs are an integral part of Indian history. Carpet Industry is one of the oldest industries of India and had an ancient heritage of carpet weaving and craftsmanship

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The textile industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries after agriculture in India. Studies have found that the people of Harappa civilization knew weaving and the spinning of cotton and the reference are found in the Vedic literature.

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With over a decade of experience and with the touch of Rajasthani art and craftsmanship in products, our clients are confident that they are choosing the right company when they come to us.


At jaipur cottage industries, we believe that only through exceptional quality we can truly deliver unique and one of a kind products to our clients.


Over a decade of experience in this industry and with expert artisans, jaipur cottage industries have gone from strength to strength to become a leader in carpet & textile manufacturing.

Jaipur cottage industries Top skilled artisans will craft traditional & contemporary home textiles from natural materials. Get the perfect rugs & textile products to your home you’ve always wanted.

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The best way to experience our wide collection of rugs and textiles is to visit the store. Follow by the heritage choose the most traditional and contemporary product range by Jaipur cottage industries.

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