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Carpet history of India

The Indian history is full of richness, culture, heritage and it’s larger than life. Carpets & Rugs are an integral part of Indian history. Carpet Industry is one of the oldest industries of India and had an ancient heritage of carpet weaving and craftsmanship.

We can find the traces of woolen carpets in India since 500 B.C. The origin of carpets weaving traditions in India comes in the medieval period. When Mughal Emperor Babar came to India, he was disappointed by the lack of luxuries here. He missed the luxuries of Persia which included the Persian carpet and thus brought Persian carpets to India.

The foundation of carpet weaving tradition in India came because of Mughal emperor Akbar In 1580 A.D. He called some of the finest carpet weavers form Persia carpet industries to India and established carpet weaving centers at Agra, Delhi and Lahore to facilitate production of Persian style carpets.

But as the time goes, the Persian style of carpet making blends with Indian art and architectures it recreates the Persian carpets and Indian carpets have their own unique style and spread over whole Indian subcontinent with each area having its own style. The carpet industry developed more in north side of India. And the major carpet industry centers are in Kashmir, Jaipur and Bhadhoi.

Carpets of Rajasthan are traditionally well known for fine-quality hand-knotted woolen fibers. Jaipur, Ajmer, and Bikaner are main centers for this craft in Rajasthan. Jaipur was another major center of the Mughal reign for carpet weaving. Carpets first began to be manufactured in Rajasthan when weavers from Afghanistan started to settle in the royal ateliers in the 17th century. Ever since, they have flourished here, with their high-spirited colors and geometric motifs finding their way into showrooms across the globe.

Our Carpet Range

Handknotted Jaipur Traditional Carpet of JCI

Jaipur traditional

handmade Persian Carpet of JCI


handknotted Tribal Carpet of JCI


handmade Kashmir Silk Carpet of JCI

Kashmir silk

Modern Hand Twist Wool Silk Carpet of JCI

Hand knotted wool silk

Hand Woven Kilim Carpet of JCI


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