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Jaipur traditional carpet

Jaipur traditional carpet

The carpets in Jaipur stand as a symbol of the skillful craftsmen and will reveal the culture and tradition of Jaipur. One can get carpets made using several fabrics and the remarkable designs and patterns make them much special. The exclusive collection of the Jaipur carpets made using silk, wool, cotton and a few other materials will be a charming piece of artwork.

Carpets of Rajasthan are traditionally well known for fine quality hand-knotted woolen fibers. Jaipur, ajmer and Bikaner are main centers for this craft in Rajasthan. Jaipur was another major center of the mughal reign for carpet weaving. Carpets first began to be manufactured n Rajasthan when weavers from Afghanistan started to settle in the royal ateliers in the17th century. Ever since, they have flourished here with their high-spirited colors and geometric motifs.

Initially the carpet design based on Persian style but later on the carpets designing evolved and artisans used the rajasthani tradition, heritage and architecture theme in the carpet design and the art become very popular among the carpet connoisseur.

The traditional rugs used to raise the standards of the royal palaces. Huge courts and the royal palace were decorated with these beauties.  The traditional designs of carpets of Rajasthan follow dushala, charkona, mehrab and shikar patterns. The carpet in Indo-Kerman design made in Rajasthan has ivory or cream as the background color with floral design all over or in the center. The colors found are blue, red, and purplish-tints in combination. The other combination is light green and deep blue. The border motifs include bold flowers and long serrated leaves.

Varieties of various rugs are available all over the world but the rugs from jaipur are known and demanded world-wide. A Jaipur cottage industry is a leading manufacturers and exporters of rugs from jaipur, offering wide range of exclusive carpets.

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