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Tribal carpet

Tribal carpet

In history of Indian carpet industry the Tribal style of weaving’s of carpet has a strong local tradition with traditional style and heritage of their community and perhaps inheritance motifs and designs that change little over centuries. Tribal rugs are mostly woven in wool and each different tribe had exclusive designs and color combinations.

Whereas the complex designs of formal carpets are graphed onto paper so that weavers could replicate the intricate motifs. However, the design scheme and color combination of tribal rugs is fairly consistent and are repeated over a field in various permutations. As such, tribal weavers were able to memorize the motifs and they were able to produce their carpet without the aid of graphs of samplers. Yet they are highly decorative due to their traditional graphic, art, religious symbols, unorthodox style, and unique carpet pattern. In many ways, antique they are the most pure and unique.

Our tribal rugs were mainly woven by the nomadic tribes of different states of India and each having a unique essence. We also offer tribal rugs from other parts of the world, mostly Central Asia, Caucasus and Iran.

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