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Textile history

The textile industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries after agriculture in India. Studies have found that the people of Harappa civilization knew weaving and the spinning of cotton and the reference are found in the Vedic literature.

Rajasthan located on the western part of India is famous for the ancient art of textiles uses fabrics like cotton, silk and wool to create magnificent designs and textures ornamented with vivid colors.

In jaipur cottage industries you can explore handmade textiles decorated with wonderful designs and vibrant colors made by our experienced craftsman.  Jaipur is the heartland of Rajasthani textile and in JCI you can find vast range of rajasthani textile. We specializes in emerging some excellent fabric and the most precious one of the region is the “Tie & Die” work which is popularly known as bandhni. The tie and dye work is popular all over the world in the form of vibrant bandej laheria saree and safa.

The Jaipur cottage industries is the heartland of “Hand block printing” as well reflects the real core of block printing  and most of the work is done by hand only the process is associated with home furnishing and fabric for personal wear as well. The main centers for the block printing in Jaipur (Rajasthan) are Sanganer and bagru.

The rajasthani fabric comes in a fascinating range of ornamented embroidery work in home decor products and ethnic wears. Rajasthani embroidery work designs comes in different types likes khambadia, zardozi and mirror work in wall hanging, bed cover and ethnic wears as well. This makes the Jaipur textile industries even more charming and contemporary in all across the world.

Khambadia Wall Hanging and bed covers

Khambadia Wall Hanging

It is an art where different pieces of cloth are fixed together. The vibrant colors, shape and design combinations against contrasting background catch the eye.

Zardozi Wall Hanging

Zardozi work is a type of embroidery in Iran and India. It is a Persian word that means sewing with gold string. It is one of the most important elements of Indo-Persian cultural signs and Handicrafts.

Zardozi Wall Hanging and bed covers
Rajasthani Mirror Work

Rajasthani Mirror Work

Rajasthani Mirror work, or shisha work, is one of the most captivating traditional handicrafts of India. Small pieces of mirrors in an assortment of shapes and sizes are embellished onto a base fabric.

Mughal Print

The art of block printing & dyeing is connected with home furnishing and fabric for personal wear. The main centers for the block printing are Sanganer and Bagru.

Mughal Print Tree of Life Bedsheets
Pashmina kashmiri Shawls

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina is a fine type of Kashmiri silk. The name comes from Persian pasmina, meaning “made from wool” and literally translates to “Soft Gold” in Kashmiri. These shawls are hand spun, and woven in Kashmir.

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